Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shout the New Name!

Everyone will hear of His name!

Now people seek God- Christ for help in any need. But with out knowing Christ's name how can we call to Him? Re 3:12 says I ( meaning Christ) will give His new name. When Christ comes a second time, He must have a new name. Jesus would not tell us about His new name without any meaning to it. When you read and understand bible prophecy, we come to understand that second coming Christ will come from the east. That means He must carry an eastern name, because if He came from the west it would only make sense that He would have a western name. His name is Christ Ahn Sahng Hong. Not by my words but because of bible prophecy that he fulfilled.

The fulfillment of preaching the gospel to the ends of the earth is being done now in days. From the ends of the earth to here in the western hemisphere, the gospel of Christ is being preached! Christ Ahn Sahng Hong has established all the truth of the bible. He is the second coming Christ as testified through the scriptures. Soon the mission will be complete!