Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Unfailing Love of Christ Ahn Sahng Hong

As I continue to study the bible, I come to realize that God truly loves me.

Two thousand years ago, when God came in the flesh, life was no where near easy for Him. The people who studied the bible diligently were the Pharisees and very important religious leaders at the time; failed to believe in Jesus when He being God Himself came in the form of a man. Even Isaiah whom they believed and trusted wrote about Jehovah coming in the flesh as a son, Isa 9:6. Yet Jesus was mocked and scorned because He looked like one of us.

Even in the book of Hebrews, Christ said He will come again. Knowing that His own people might deny Him again, Christ testified in many verses that He will come in the last days to bring back the way to Heaven. That is love! Acknowledging that the people whom were chosen might deny Him, but by any means possible try to save them; that is love.

Then in these last days, when Christ comes should I do like the ones who knew the bible two thousand years ago? No! I should understand the bible prophecies and see to whom is the Christ- the savior who will redeem all man kind!