Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Those Who Overcome the Power of the Situation

I read this article the other day called Those Who Overcome the Power of the Situation. In the article it talked about the 2003 arson attack on a subway train that ended the lives of 200 people. While the investigators tried to find out the cause of death of so many people at once, it was concluded that the people did not move or tried to save their very own lives simply because no one else was trying to do so.

Spiritually it's the same way. One person may not try to even save his own soul because either he sees that no one else is trying or that the others may point and laugh at him trying to find God. We shouldn't decide our spiritual lives based on what the world thinks. If God says this is right but to the world it looks crazy, what should we do and who should we follow? We should follow God! Christ Ahn Sahng Hong showed how our souls can be saved and how we can enter the kingdom of Heaven. Lets not follow the world but follow God so that our spirit may not suffer from anything.